Foscusan Alfa

A fire resistant, block out and acoustic absorbing fabric

This material is used to fit out premises, and venues, acoustically speaking, due to the fact that it avoids sound reflections and distorsions that can damage the premises acoustics.

Foscusan Alfa is a new product developed by Comersan. A construction solution meant to fulfil the HR Basic Document requeriments of the Technical Building Code.

Foscusan Alfa limits the environmental sound level, improves the sound quality and makes communication between people clearer.

A fabric that improves our quality of life

At present there are many places where a big number of people gather every day, places like airports, auditoriums, restaurants, offices, theatres, or conference halls.

In all these places, the sound emitted produces an excess of reverberation, makes world intelligibility deteriorate and music quality clearly decreases.

An improved sound quality results in a better communication among people, a fact that helps focus on the conversation and avoid stress and tiredness symptoms.

Foscusan Alfa fit out the rooms to make them more habitable, healthy and efficient.